Kevin Smith's Hit-Girl Season Two Comic book Series

If you havent heard Kevin Smith is not only directing a reboot of Jay and Silent Bob, but he has also been writing comic book series of a beloved character from the comic book series of Mark Millar’s Kick Ass! Kevin Smith wrote a new adventure for Hit-Girl Season 2, with artist Pernille Orum. Once you open the first issue of course Mindy is a total badass doing what she does best, kicking ass! but that not the only that Kevin Smith is bringing to this comic series, he is also putting his finest touches to the story that strongly connects to films. If you haven’t seen any of his classic films, I highly suggest you do! Clerks., Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and of course Chasing Amy.

The first issue “The Silent Era” , when picking up a comic book issue, its expected that there will be some reading especially when it comes to an all new series and you want to know how and what this story is going to become in the future of next issue. Hit-Girl Season 2: The Golden Rage of Hollywood Part 1 The Silent Era is completely different, it starts off with a high school following a bunch of students and then all of a sudden students are being shot at by two disturbed students and they are just shooting everyone until Mindy aka Hit-Girl makes an amazing entrance crashing through a library window, kills one of the shooters with her blade. Mind you that this is a graphic comic and it is not for young children. As Hit-Girl goes to kill the second shooter a book of shelves falls on top of him and he covers his face with a book that about Hit-Girl’s life. Mindy was in total shock when she finds that someone has written a book about her and her life, but thats not all she finds , she also looks up the book online and finds out they are also making a movie about her in Hollywood. So she sets out for Hollywood to see whats going on with this movie and it ends with Mindy on top of H on the Hollywood sign and says “I see dead people.”

This was pretty awesome intro to the 1st issue to this mini series, not only was the illustration done by Pernille Orum was magnificent, but was easy to follow and know what happening because in this first issue there absolutely NO WORDS! (accept when Mindy finds the book about herself and goes online does research on it) no word bubbles are added until the very end of the first issue. I loved how this story was in reference to Kevin Smith’s movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back! if you haven’t seen that movie go rent it online, buy it or ask a friend who may have it in there dvd collection. The synopsis in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back! is Jay and Silent Bob to let there friend who is a comic book writer let him use there likeness in the comic book (check out the movie Chasing Amy) turns out that comic book is such a success that Hollywood wants to turn it into a movie. With no permission from Jay and Silent Bob to agree for this movie to happen, they set out on a crazy and spontaneous adventure to Hollywood to stop this film. Pretty much the same thing as what Mindy aka Hit-Girl is trying to do in this comic book series: Hit-Girl Season Two.

Issue two Mindy is on the grounds of the Hollywood set of Hit-Girl The Movie, on a guided tour that Mindy goes on to get close to the set, the tourist and Mindy meet the actors and also she crosses paths with the actor who is playing Big Daddy, with nothing but emotions since her father’s death, Mindy is refacing the death of her father on set as they give the tourist a quick spoiler scene in the movie, totally different from how Big Daddy died but still tragic and brutal to watch as they film the scene in front of Mindy. Cut to towards the end of the issue, a huge twist and it also reflects in reality of what has been going on in Hollywood and I love how Kevin Smith is bringing this issue to the pages of the comic book world and what has happened and been happening in Hollywood. Well it goes into a scene with a big executive and his secretary bringing a fresh face young actress and sadly the secretary leaves and the executive tries to take advantage on this young girl, luckily Hit-Girl comes in and kills the executive, but turns out at the end the REAL Hit-Girl arrives to the scene!

What a twist! Someone now in Hollywood is impersonating Hit-Girl! Who’s this impersonator and what’s going to happen to Mindy and the new Movie?!

Check it out at your nearest comic book shop! if they are sold out you can find your digital copy at Comixology as well!

Go get because issue 2 is also epic!