Jexi Starring Adam Devine

A comedy based movie about a man named Phil who is a pop culture journalist that is anti-social and is obsessed with his cellphone, a loner who hermits in his apartment, until he has to upgrade his phone that comes with a latest feature of Artificial Intelligence called Jexi who is a life coach to help make your life better. With the boost of help from Jexi, Phil starts living life and starts doing things that he has never done before and or voided for a long time.

I got the opportunity to see an early screening of Jexi starring Adam Devine, Alexandra Shipp, and also featuring Wanda Sykes, Michael Pena, Charlyne Yi, Ron Funches, and Kid Cudi. At first I didn’t know what to expect from this movie, just having the idea it may be a message of us being to consumed with technology and its our first instinct to google everything for answers and also that the storyline could be like the film Her, that starred Joaquin Phoenix.

Not only did i enjoyed this movie, but i was non stop laughing throughout the entire film. It was very entertaining and also relatable on how addicted we are with our smartphones today. I highly recommend to go see this movie when it hits theaters October 11th 2019.